Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So, St.Olaf

I, not being Christina, am now just blogging about my visit to St.Olaf. I saw her and it was awesome! I also saw Kim (mother) and Austin Sovell.

I guess I don't have to feel to bad because Christina is writing a hood-like essay for school. The only work she's done in a week for school, according to her. Personally I think she needs to just turn it in and deal with it.

So, St.Olaf, why I crawled out of my hole to blog about. I need some inspiration for blogging, any tips?

BAD Liz, yet again off topic! Okay, so the school was gorgeous! It also had the best free food, there were buffet tables all over the place, you literally walked into a room and there was a buffet table. No other school has done that. Though they did brag about their nationally ranked number one food. All according to Newsweek.
 What I really enjoyed was that the dean of the school talked at the beginning of the whole thing. It was nice to be welcomed like that, gave you the feeling of beine wanted as a person and not as another paying student.
 Ah, yes! A picture of the library. My favorite thing to see at colleges. Not the best (U of M is number one so far) but I can see myself doing homework in there. Plus the tall windows give off the feeling of  being in one of those older libraries.
Me having issues with my iphone camera
 What I wasn't a huge fan of was how far away everything was from each other. Reminded me of camp a bit where we walked all the time. It's not a bad thing, getting exercise, but in the winter running across campus (and in the windy rural area) will not be fun.

Another plus, all four years you live on campus. I really like that, a sense of community and such, cookies for St.Olaf.
I saw this door and just had to share it with ya'll
Edward and Bell, but with (I'm assuming) student faces with lab glasses on, go Bio!
And again, but now Jacob has joined the mix. I think the girl looks like a mouse, right?
Importance of wearing glasses, chemistry! (blerg!)
Reminds me of the houses in Count of Monte Christo
By far the best part was the gift shop where I got socks that say 'uff da' (so Norwegian) and there were Norwegian like things all over the place! Oh, how I love Norway! Plus, Harry Potter in NORWEGIAN! My favorite! I have the first one in English and Norwegian, but seeing the others in Norwegian totally made the trip. (I'm so studying it what ever collage I choose to go to)