Saturday, October 29, 2011


I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at Macalester college that it was founded on Scottish roots. Being scottish I loved that little tid bit. They also give free bagpipe lessons to students and they have scuba diving lessons where you can be certified. It would be so cool to be suba certified.
 I really liked the school, pretty and felt like a college. They also have a big interest in international students and going over to countries and working with students.
There was one wired thing.

I told you in my post about the U of M that I look at bulletin boards. Well, I looked at a lot here, they seemed to be all over the place and only about boys giving sperm to sperm banks and therapy/anorexia studies to sign up for. Very...odd.
The lime green one in the center says 'cocaine users with attention problems!'
What creeped me more was that people had taken the numbers from the little number lists.

University of Minnesota

This is long in the works. I know I told Meghan that I was going to make a vlog about it, but then...

I forgot my charger to my video camera up in Alaska this summer and I didn't realize it until a few weeks ago. And my family is very messy up there, and not very relabel (I still love you!) which means i'll never see that charger again. I have been bumming one off of Mrs.Drew the past few weeks, but for school projects.

No video sorry.

But I can still talk about how much I loved it!
Tip: When I go to schools I look at bulletin boards to see if I would want to do anything on them. The social aspect it a huge part in picking a college. It could be great for your interestes, but if there is crappy people then their is some other college that can give you both. Believe me, there is a ton of colleges out there.
 The rooms were the best i've seen so far. Air conditioning, heat, cable, and wireless internet. The washing machines can also text you when they are done with your clothes. It's pretty awesome.
My Grandpa's building!
This is the main square where they have a annual snowball fight. The college has a ton of clubs to join. Like the sweatpants club, where you only wear sweats because your sick of wearing only jeans in high school. Or the 'Hi my name's Mike' club. You don't even have to have the name Mike to join. But the BEST part of the whole trip was that they have a college quidditch team. They were flown out to New York to play in the championships last year. Apparently a cross country player dresses in all yellow and runs around the college campus playing as the golden snitch. I so want to join!
Mom, Dad, and Gretchen came with me. The above photo was taken inside a completely green building on the campus. It was fun walking around with them, we had lunch afterwards and it was a good Saturday. I really liked the college, a lot more then I thought I would. I was happy with that surprise.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Check Your Own Underwear

I write everything funny that goes on in video. All the weird stuff and crap that nobody understands, we're really like the Jersey Shore. Don't believe me stop on by. I'de be glad to have you anytime.

But some things, I need to keep in the video class. It's a weird messed up class, but it's my favorite!

My Sandlot

What is it with guys and using sports as metaphors?

This was talked about in a Bones episode that I watched the other day. Bones explained something though sports, or maybe it was Booth, probably him, ya know what I mean? (if you've watched the show you will know)

"Your my first round draft pick." - Courtney's lover boy. (sooooo not going to write his name on the internet.)

Health Is 'Easy'

I always look forward to health class. It's so entertaining and a very easy class. My schedule is nothing compared to last year. I'm so very glad I'm done with Junior year, it's defiantly like everyone says, crappy.

Plus, all the crap I went through, but it's all good now.

Anyway, I was talking about health.

Right, so we do little skits (which reminds me of the ones we would do for confirmation) and we just started the 'good relationships' unit. So, obviously it's all about sex. The skits were about how to say no and ways to get out of the situation. Such as changing the subject.

One sophomore was talking in a high girl voice (oh, he was a guy) and the boyfriend was a dude, so it was already funny with one guy wanting to have sex and the other not wanting to.

He then uses the 'strategy' of switching the topic by saying, "umm...I think I lost my phone."

I thought it was hilarious! You just had to be there.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Death and Sex

Can I first talk about this issue at hand before I dive into the big void of blogging I need to do? Thanks.

This crazy lady came to my health class today and gave us some life lessons.

1. If you are in a make-out session and don't want to go any further you yell turnups!

2. To kill the mood stare into your partners eyes and say "I wonder if my Grandparents still have sex."

3. If you have sex you will die.

She also told us DETAILED stories about her sex life, and how she shouldn't have done what she has done. And here I was sitting in the health room convinced that I will become a nun because I am freaked out about getting the 40 (+) STD's you can get.

I'm fine now.

I think the lady needs a reality check though.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

From The Hood

This makes me smile. It also reminds me of Christina's rap she wrote about Hoodbury. Mrs. Drew thinks me calling Woodbury Hoodbury is funny. And, yet, she totally agrees with it.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's Not All That Bad

The school hallways are always full of stragglers towards the end of the passing time. Before sixth hour I take as much time as I need, Mrs.Drew won't mind. Pulling at my backpack straps I walk up the steps to the second level. A figure walking by sparks me into transporting.

My books are in my hands as I make my way to my next class. The girl in yellow Hufflepuff robes ahead of me has more to deal with. A bag, instrument, and some quills and ink are weighing her down by the looks of it. Professor Binns floats through the wall a ways up, making the girl jump. Her face turns towards me for a split second and I realize I know her.

"Christina." I say as I race up to meet with her. She turns around and her eyes immediately turn down.

"hello" She answers. I follow her gaze to my Griffendor crest on my black robes.

Moving my books further up my chest I let out a breath. She needs cheering up. Suddenly I have an idea. 

"Do you remember when the sorting hat said 'I'll eat myself if you can find a smarter hat then me'?"

Christina meets my eyes, "I'm find." She says, but her body and eyes say she's not.

"The sorting hat knows everything, it looked into your mind and it knows what is best for you."

"Well, he can be wrong." She states matter-of-factly.

I furrow my brow, "Come on, you don't mean that. Just look at who's in Hufflepuff. Tonks an auror for the Ministry of Magic and a talented shape sifter, Cedric easily the hottest guy in Hogwarts." She eyes my werily. "Think about it this way. Luna is defiantly a bit off, we all love her, but she has her opinions. Am I right?" She nods her head. "Thinking how you do about Hufflepuff you would think people like Luna would be in your house." She nods again. "Luna is smart, thus Ravenclaw is suited for her. You too are smart, but do you know the difference between you two?"

I can see the gears working in her head, "What? She believes in Nargles?"

"No, she isn't creative." Christina starts to protest, but I hold up my one free hand. "Sure, she believes in things, but she just believes in what she is told by her dad or reads in the Quibbler. You have creativity that isn't cherished in Griffendor, Ravenclaw, and especially not Slytherin. Hufflepuff creates wondefully creative and talented people who better the world by doing amazing things. Like you and your music."

I can tell Christina has really been listening to me. "So, what do you say? Are you a Puff?" I say as I pat her back.

"A puff?" She says quietly. "Yea....a Puff..." Walking down the hallway she murmurs by to me.

I turn around and keep walking. I tired, I think. Then I hear the most wonderful thing.

"You might belong in Hufflepuff where they are just and loyal. Those patient Hufflepuffs are true and unafraid of toil." Christina sings, reciting the Sorting hats song, word for word.

"Hey Liz" I look to see Christina next to me. "And I guess bye now."

I look to see where she's pointing. The video classroom. Right. I head for the door, but back step to watch Christina walk down the hallway. She'll be just fine, I say to my self, just fine.