Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Death and Sex

Can I first talk about this issue at hand before I dive into the big void of blogging I need to do? Thanks.

This crazy lady came to my health class today and gave us some life lessons.

1. If you are in a make-out session and don't want to go any further you yell turnups!

2. To kill the mood stare into your partners eyes and say "I wonder if my Grandparents still have sex."

3. If you have sex you will die.

She also told us DETAILED stories about her sex life, and how she shouldn't have done what she has done. And here I was sitting in the health room convinced that I will become a nun because I am freaked out about getting the 40 (+) STD's you can get.

I'm fine now.

I think the lady needs a reality check though.


AJ said...

I find this most amusing.

Christina said...

Oh wow. That sounds...like an interesting class.