The famous words of Mr. and Mrs. Stippel. If you would like to add to this list please e-mail me at lollypopliz4 (@)

Mr. Stippel
"What did he do in his free time? Aside from kill and eat people." In talking about Jeffrey Dahmer.
"Puke tan brown helps kids learn."
"Yea kiss her, kiss her. Well that's kinda vague."
Talking about 7th grade dances "The best example of segregation you'll ever see."
"You really have to give up your religion in order to play a sport today."
"I want a testosterone filled egg."
"Your gay, your gay, your gay. Have sex with them."
"Human's aren't wallies"
"Your a control freak psycho warrior."
"Is this a hill worth dying on?"
"He's my friend and he wants benefits? I don't know."
"How many sexual partners have you had? Andy had 8 so I better have 9."
"Yeah, horses are not like cats."
"Your never gonna crap again. You'll be like that guy in Willy Wonka who gets filled with blueberries."
"You women go for the jugular."
"Wager, Wager Stippel. GET TO SPEECH THERAPY!"
"I don't think your gonna' think that's such a bitchin' deal tomorrow."
"Their pretty resilient, you can drop them and stuff." In talking about babies.

Mrs. Stippel
"Everything is a story you've read before."
"If Mr.Stippel and I can make it an entire day without meeting in the rotunda and mashing our faces together, then so can you two!"
"You have more freedom then you care to admit."
"If you, an AP student, list literary terms their not going to take you out behind the barn and shoot you."
"Let's put accurate on crack!"
"John Donne is the best thing since sliced bread."
"Dead serious, I never kid about love and gold."
"These are the people who will screw their boyfriend or girlfriend while your in the room and you will not know what to do."
"Look at me wrong honey and I'll cut you."
"We are going boldly in the direction we are going in."
"And I was teaching a fifth hour class! (to class)"

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