Thursday, March 31, 2011

F of FAP

Food: Wheat Thins
Oh, how I love them!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I love Sara Ramirez. I love how she was on Broadway (Monty Python and the Holy Grail as the Lady of the Lake) and the ABC people loved her so much they gave her the chance to pick what ABC show she would like to be on and they would create a role for her. I love that she's hispanic. I love that she looks like my hairdresser (or my hairdresser looks like her).
and I love this Milk poster.

All great achievements require time. - Maya Angelou

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Decade Me

Decade week is coming up. I can't wait to dress up each day as a different 'girl' from the twentieth century. I was goggling different fashion of the decade during U.S. History today. Who needs to learn about the cold war anyway? Right...
Aren't her earrings just to die for?

Vamps and Flappers

I just love that short story that Fitzgerald wrote, 'Bernice Bobs Her Hair'. I highly recommend it.
I think I want to be a flapper (LOVE HER BOOTS!) for Halloween. That or a guy from top gun.

Haaaave Yooooou

If I was to get a tattoo I would get one like this, and in the same spot. I think it's cool. I don't think I could do the wors thing like Courtney, because I would want to read the words and not let others so it would be on upside down so when I turn my leg I could see it or it would be on upside down on my stomac and not make any sense, except in a 6 and 9. But let's not go there.
It's small and not on my arm, so it can't prevent me from getting a job at McDonald's. Plus, just like a tattoo / I'll always have you.


I say this as I sit on a yoga ball in my batman t-shirt all ready for bed, I am a big fan of comics. This means I absolutely love Sunday mornings when I can go down stairs and read the four pages of comics our paper gives me.

Seriously, sure save the planet in some other section give me back my six pages of comics!

The rest of the week I spend in withdraw from lack of comics, but I have been able to reduce this stress by finding comics that are updated on the web. Like this one.
Lest I Could Do is updated every day by Ryan Sohmer (writer) and Lar Desouza (illustrator) and yes, it's very guy oriented, but I still get a laugh our of the comic. It's sexual, who wouldn't?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nice Name

Oh, Cleopatra. I so love your real name.
You'll be missed, Elizabeth Taylor.

Reminds Me Of 8th Grade Math

I had two guys in my 2ed semester geometry class in 8th grade that would not stop sining the songs from 8 Mile.
Taylor can totally pull it off.
anyhow anyway, theres snitches born every day
best thing to do is get your money and stay out the way

"Rap Song" - 8 Mile

9 to 8

I feel bad for Pluto. When we went to the Chicago planetarium I got a magnet that said Revolve in Peace Pluto. I could have gotten' a shirt, but it didn't look so good on. Now what's the way kids remember the 8 planets?

My Very Educated Mother Just Sat Upon Nine Pizzas



I've never been a big fan of Steve Jobs (Apple guy all the i-soandso stuff) and now that he has cancer and is dyeing quickly it's not as fun to rant on an on about how Apple isn't as good as Windows.
I do like this little dude though.

but, come on, he does toot his own horn...a lot.

SyFy You Turn Me On

You all know of my love for Eureka, the word and the TV show, on SyFy (I love that spelling by the way) and just recently I was fiddling around on the OnDemand button on our remote and came across this lovely TV show.
It's now the wallpaper on my computer. It's a little (only the fact that there are Vampires and Werwolves) like Twilight, but WAY better. Plus there's a ghost, she's cool.

We Can Do It

In history we're finally done with World War 2. That's the last I have to hear about it until college.
You have to admit, this is pretty awesome. She seems familiar...

Monday, March 21, 2011

And How

I found this rather humorous comment below a video created by Vlogbrothers Hank Green for Truth or Fail on Youtube. I know Meghan says the comments are really creepy, but I think this new 'top comments' thing helps keep the creep away.

And don't even try to tell me you haven't had one of those feelings about what you looking at online.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

How Nostalgic

This is possible the best song to describe my entire childhood. It's the theme song for the Beatrix Potter show that BBC did a long time ago when Gretchen and I were we-babes. Any who, when I was a bit older I decided to make a massage shop in my room and I payed the nice calming music from the CD that had come with the VHS tape. (man, that is old, VHS!)

I asked mom if we still have the VHS's and (thankfully) she said yes.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I am up extremely early, even compared to a school day, and I'm not that bad.
Then again, maybe the 12+ hours i've been getting the past few nights have been helping.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Lack There Of

I've decided, because our resident blogger Meghan is off on her California getaway, that I'll blog (in a Meghan like style) about the recent events that transpired in a men's restroom.

the story, according to the two dipshi*s on hollywood access, jake gyllenhaal was photographed by a rabid fan while he was standing at the urinal, jake then attacked the fan who took the picture freaking out at him for taking his picture. who in their right mind would want a photo of a firkin celebrity using the bathroom. if i was jake i would beat that guys a$$.
in reality jake just asked the fan to delete the photo and the fan did. i guess all that smexyness makes him a level headed hottie.
Note: I just checked Meghan's blog to read a few posts to see if I had even slightly gotten' Meghan's voice, but that little chick has deleted her blog!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

How Cool Is This?

A few days ago I requested a Gilmore Girl moving picture from a tumbler website. This is an amazing website where I get all of my moving pictures of the Gilmore Girls, and I don't know if i've always credited it, but it so deserves the credit! Gilmorism, you need to totally check it out, especially if your a Gilm's (short hand for Gilmore Girls) fan.
This is my favorite part in all of Gilms history. You should go watch the episode!

2 Luke's


Mr. B: What do the college football teams get when they are number one?

Charlie: Girls

Mr. B: *short laugh* Well, what if they are girls?

Charlie: Then they'll win boys.

Hermana Loco

I can't believe that Gretchen actually posed for some pictures. In fact it was her idea to show me what she looked like when sleeping.

My List...

Now I know Mikaela likes to make lists, and I don't mind them too much, but would anyone ever make a amazon wish list? I didn't really know about it until a few months ago, and I just looked at one today.

I really don't know what to say about it.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Dad cracks open the door and tells me softly that dinner's ready and that I should wake up from my nap. I try to not move knowing I'll be super sweaty from hibernating under four layers of covers. I make my way down stairs to the kitchen.

Dad is finishing up his spaghetti and while I dish mine up he says, "Hey, Anne you should tell her where you found Gretchen."

From down in the unlit family room, Mom's disembodied voice says, "I found her with her head in the kitty bed sleeping on the kitchen floor." Apparently she let her continue sleeping like that.
When I asked Gretchen what she thought when she woke up in the kitty bed she replied, "I thought 'I want to go upstairs because this it will be more comfy."

Sunday, March 6, 2011

a Sunday at School

It's weird, I mean, being in school on a Sunday. I've been in school on a Saturday, last year for the one act plays. Still, it being a Sunday makes me creeped out. The hallway lights flicker and turn on as I walk further down the hallway. I never noticed that they were motion detected.

The Cutaway classroom is much warmer then the school auditorium. I set down the massive amount of chargers that Mrs.Drew just needed to have. I scratch my head looking around and waisting time in the warm room.

Making my way back down to the auditorium I find the lights on and the band packing up. Glancing down at my new, blue watch I see it's 4:00 pm. I've been here since 12:00, the band got here at 12:30 and it took them until 2:30 to start playing. Yes...oy vey!

I also talked with the drummer's sister who is interested in movie making. She was nice, a little shy, and she smelled a little, totally not cut out for video production. Sorry, I know it sounds blunt, but I can just tell. At least I didn't have to whip out my swear words I had practiced on the bus with Hannah and Gretchen.

True Dat Mrs. G

Like This?

Friday, March 4, 2011

Computer Sci.

I just finished watching it, I have considered becoming something in the computer field, because I find it fascinating and i'll be surrounded by intelligent people. (and you know I don't like dumb people) But i'm on Mark's side, the twins are stupid and I hope that Eduardo and Mark came to terms with each other, because I really liked Eduardo.
He had a crazy girlfriend, I wouldn't have treated him like that. What nerd would cheat on his hot girlfriend?

Undercover Video People

You wouldn't guess by looking at them, but some of the d-bags in the class actually have a little bit of a soul.

Just yesterday I walked into the main room where Jay and Kelsey were sitting. I first noticed Jay wasn't swearing, then he wasn't saying anything politically incorrect (this is the guy who didn't know there was different forms of your) then I looked at the computer screen. Kelsey was asking Jay for swim suit advice! And he was giving her serious advice with no comment towards the girls wearing dental floss on the screen. Then he agreed with her that the more skimpy swim suits didn't look as good. My head was spinning.

The other surprise was last year Zach was obsessed with this girl, but he didn't know how to proceed in asking her out. This lead to many guy to guy talks between him and all of the boys in the class. I learned yesterday he asked her out when Luke said, "Wittl I heard you finally bedded her, you must have used drugs."
Ah, apparently most of them don't have a soul.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Yet Another Con

This just adds to the con side of my pro-con list of having a baby. So far the con side is winning by 100%.

Thank You Courtney!

I feel this way a lot.

Bust A Rhyme

Today Mom and I went to Rainbow foods after she picked me up at school. Normally I'm not a fan of that store, but it was for the food drive, and it was the closest grocery store so I ventured in.

As we were browsing the many different soups an old man in his 60s walked into the aisle. Glancing up I noticed he had a cord coming from his jacket I followed it up to his ear! He had an earbud in one ear and one hanging down while he listened to his music. He was a regular 60 year-old teenager. I thought it was quite adorable.