Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I say this as I sit on a yoga ball in my batman t-shirt all ready for bed, I am a big fan of comics. This means I absolutely love Sunday mornings when I can go down stairs and read the four pages of comics our paper gives me.

Seriously, sure save the planet in some other section give me back my six pages of comics!

The rest of the week I spend in withdraw from lack of comics, but I have been able to reduce this stress by finding comics that are updated on the web. Like this one.
Lest I Could Do is updated every day by Ryan Sohmer (writer) and Lar Desouza (illustrator) and yes, it's very guy oriented, but I still get a laugh our of the comic. It's sexual, who wouldn't?

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Meghan said...

cant say i appreciate the crimson turtleneck.