Monday, March 14, 2011

Lack There Of

I've decided, because our resident blogger Meghan is off on her California getaway, that I'll blog (in a Meghan like style) about the recent events that transpired in a men's restroom.

the story, according to the two dipshi*s on hollywood access, jake gyllenhaal was photographed by a rabid fan while he was standing at the urinal, jake then attacked the fan who took the picture freaking out at him for taking his picture. who in their right mind would want a photo of a firkin celebrity using the bathroom. if i was jake i would beat that guys a$$.
in reality jake just asked the fan to delete the photo and the fan did. i guess all that smexyness makes him a level headed hottie.
Note: I just checked Meghan's blog to read a few posts to see if I had even slightly gotten' Meghan's voice, but that little chick has deleted her blog!

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