Thursday, March 29, 2012

Video Class

This is how I felt today during video. Mrs.Drew would agree with me.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Alpha Wolf

The Friday we got out of school for spring break Courtney, her step-sister (Nicki) and her step-sisters friend (Jen), and I went to meet Jodi Picoult.

We did this last year, but I was even more excited then the last time! I was freaking out during lunch on Friday and I was very energetic the whole night.

I volunteered during Jodi's little presentation and I learned how to wolf howl, I was the Alpha wolf, because I just am born for that roll. And I was amazing, there should be some pictures/videos going up on Facebook soon.

She gave me a little Wolf stuffed animal for volunteering and I hugged the lady. She is shorter then you would think. And skinny because that's all Nicki and Jen could talk about so apparently I should tell ya'll that.
I had her sign her new book (Lone Wolf) and one of the books I had read of hers over the past year (Mercy). Both of them I would recommend to you.

And then dinner as Red Robbins was grand! And quite hilarious, my side hert so much from laughing.

Monday, March 19, 2012


I'm sure you all wanted another one.

This was my reaction not 20 minutes ago when I read Christina's post. I' glad you have a wing man you can count on.

(confession: I love doing these things...!)

Friday, March 16, 2012

A La Past

At the end of last week I happened upon a few old photos of Gretchen and I on the home server. The picture above is of Gretchen playing mini-golf in Arizona. I thought it was perfect considering she spent the last week in Arizona.
I'm above, not sure where it is exactly. Just that I had those shoes and that swim suit top when I was in second grade. (making the photo from the summer of 2002)

Gretchen arrived home tonight, or well day now. I haven't gone to bed yet, so I'll say she arrive home tonight. She had a few stories and a few things she had gotten for herself, but nothing for the family. I know this sounds a bit greedy, but this is a blog and I want to express my feelings. I really wish she would have gotten something for us. I always get my family something when I go on vacation without them.

Though I should have seen this coming, when I went to Florida with Courtney and they went to Texas I got nothing where as I gave them gifts. I don't know about you, but I feel that it's a nice thing to do, buying a gift for the poor family members left behind during your vacation. Perhaps I should just suck it up. Okay.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kisses - A

Pretty Little Secrets
Starts with
Hannah who is now living with her Stepmom, Dad, and Kate has enough to deal with, then her boyfriend leaves on a trip, with a hot girl? She doesn't mind once she joins a Body Boot camp and meets Apollo...

Emily has a new job, she's Santa at the new mall, but she's also a spy for her church! After a bedbug sighting she's in with the targets, three grils who have terrorized Rosewood by stealing a Baby Jesus...

Aria gets a visit from an old friend, or maybe an old flame? It's a good thing she can forge her mom's signature because Atlanta City here she comes! No need to worry about the pumas, the ASPCA will soon get them back in their cages, after CNN makes it national news...

Spencer is looking for a distraction from A-Mona, and her family woes. When she meets Collin she is convinced he is just that, and then Melissa is here to help?! After all, Spencer can get anyone's blood pumping...

This is a great book. Courtney you need to read it. And acicia too! I'll try to remember to bring Ruthless (the next book) to school!

Anyway this is set after Mona is killed, the original 'A', and right before Courtney/real Alison take over.

Clothes and Punch

The above picture is of me today, wearing Sonia's scarf that she lent me. Her choice in clothing she bestows upon me is 'what pieces do I not know how to wear' and then she watches how I wear them. Here I have on dark skinny jeans, a white t-shirt pared with a brown jacket. I then went with a gold long necklace so people could see it under the scarf, and long dangly gold earrings which you can't see in the picture. Also not pictured is the boots I wore, the ones I'm always stealing from Gretchen. (and hair is left messy, it would look better with longer hair, kinda' biker chick vibe in a way)
Mom and I had Punch Pizza today for lunch. It's been forever since I've had it! Gretchen doesn't like it so my family never goes there. Gretchen's in Arizona until Thursday, so we took this opportunity to have Punch!
On our way back to the car we stopped in The Red Balloon Bookstore. I just love that little shop, such a cute place to sell books. Note: it's a children's book store, but there is also Young Adult books, just not a wide variety.
A little boy with a red balloon!
Here we saw a druggie, an old man,
and two college students hanging out smoking.
Odd group...

My Books, and Me

While not away on a vacation this week, I'm doing the things that need to be done. Specifically going through my bedroom and cleaning, which is way over due. Through my big task Samantha (in her blue summer dress) and Kiwi keep me company.
After going through all the boxes under my bed I decided to tackel my bookshelf. Not in the 'get ride of' vibe like I had going for everything else, but instead just re-organizing.

It was a big task. I have a lot of books. 
Then there is the whole 'how to' organize. I've done the alphabetical thing, but I don't like how it looked and I'm not one for "by authors", sadly most of the time I won't look at the author thus making a book hard to find without the authors name. I'm getting better at that though. So, I went with genera, kinda. I guess it's my version of generas. Whatever it is, it turned out great!

International Musica!

On New Years Eve I went over to Courtney's house for a New Years Party.

And the music we listening to was what?
Of course, One Direction.

Then somehow my ipod was on the dock.

I'm a very confident in everything (always Dare when it comes to Truth or Dare) except when it comes to my music. In that area I am immensely embarrassed by what people would say about my 'odd' assortment of songs. I really don't have any 'know' with music, so when I'm asked what my favorite band is I just go with the old classic: The Fratellis.

It was here that I had some 'International' (as I call it) music playing. It's songs that I found through my language camp. Another words it's mostly Norwegian music.

Meghan then asked if she could have a CD of the good international music (that for some reason everyone liked) and now I'm finally getting around to it.

Here's just a snippet of the good stuff!

(It's about dancing on a table)

What do you think about a Norwegian black rapper?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Worm Hole Much?

I came upon this amazing photo, and just had to share it with all of you.

From left to right. Cho Chang, Harry Potter, Cedric Diggory/Edward Cullen, Bella Swan.

I love that Harry says dude, he seems like a guy who would say that. At least in my mind.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mr.Black and Mr.White

"Happiness depends upon ourselves." - Aristotle

I feel the quote above is a good reference to the theme of my letter (of sorts) to Christina.

Dearest Christina,
  Have you ever really truly loved someone? And I'm not talking family, or pets. I'm talking in terms of a person who you would give your life for, but at the same time would want to spend the rest of your entirety with? I don't think either of us can say we have, in fact I'll be the first to admit that. And I don't know if I really want to find that person. I don't know how I would handle those emotions, it would ruin everything, at least form my perspective. Perhaps when your in love you don't see things the same way. Being in love shouldn't be a bad thing, it should be a good thing.
  Obviously, well I hope, you're not in love with either of your 'paramours'. This is the cue for the Aristotle quote. You just need to do what you believe is the right thing FOR YOU. If there is anything I've learned about having anxiety is that sometimes you cannot please everyone and thus need to center on yourself and what is healthy for you. They can just deal. If dating is what you are interested in, why not do a little something with Mr.Hipster? Just spell it out that this whole grade difference will stop you guys from having a long relationship. Then you can hop over to Mr.Chest, if he gets into St.Olaf. (which seems like a sure thing according to you)
  Again, I would like to apologize about the awkwardness that ensued this morning. I had just closed my computer and was walking down the hallway when I came upon you two, and I was not strong enough to walk away from this juicy attraction right in front of me. I must admit, I KNEW he liked you the moment I read about the NPR outside by the car thing (having had a few similar late nights). It seems that night brings out confidence in boys. All dramatic things happen while the moon is out.
  Here are my two cents on the issue. Mr.Hipster needs to get his ass up off the couch and TALK to you, because nothing gets done without conversation. Thus, I might have to start bringing around a stress ball so I won't slap him in the face. Also, I never remember being introduced to him by (I'm not even sure who he said) so I'll just call him a LIAR, which is true if you were in the girlfriends shoes.
  Man, this letter started off so nice and formal, and now here we are. Perhaps I can salvage it?

A visual for those of you not there.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cousin Chris

My cousin Chris and I have a good relationship. We are about 12 years apart, so our relationship didn't really start until I was at least in the sixth grade because I was too worried about children things and he was too worried about teenage things.

I identify the most with him out of all of my cousins. He and I are both very driven and end up doing homework over the long breaks when the family gets together. The rest of the cousins make fun of us, but hey, they can do their homework super late at the last possible moment. I don't care.

That being said, I haven't seen him in two years. (See he moved to Washington) Sure, there is Facebook, but he's not really one to go on often, nor am I really. There is also Skype, and we've only done that maybe twice.

So, at the beginning of the school year I devised a plan which was dubbed acceptable by Rudy, Chris's younger brother.

While cleaning out his mom's (Nancy's) house I found a good number of postcards from really random places. And this is the least random thing we found in her house. That lady has moved so many times, but this time Mom put her foot down and the two of them (over the course of 3 weekends) cleaned her whole house. That was a project.

It became a thing to call for me when a postcard was discovered and at the end of the house cleaning I had a good pile of odd postcards. While the pile was forming so too was an idea in my head.

I decided to smoke Chris out of his 'hole' in Washington by sending him a postcard each week. I figured this worked with Tekla (to an extent) so why not with Chris.

On Friday I received a package in the mail from Chris. It wasn't a huge surprise because I had talked on the phone with Chris a few times since I had started my project and I had gotten the word from Grandma and Nancy that he loved the postcards, but it was still fun to have solid evidence that Chris has seen the postcards.

In the package was the new Brian Selznick (if this name rings no bells google him!) book titled: Wonderstruck, a puzzle postcard, and a note from Chris.

Plus a poem, which I'll end with.

A Note From a Friend
-H. Hensher
When you are weary and sick
at the close of the day,
And things don't seem
to be going your way
When even your patience
seems near the end
What a wonderful lift
that note from a friend
With a troubled heart
and a heavy load
Perhaps he, too, may have
travled the road,
And you find real comfort
in the end
As you read the lines
in a note from a friend.
What a welcome, the few
words of cheer
Received from this friend
you hold dear
No troubles so great
God and time cannot mend
After you've read this note
from a Friend.

Monday, March 5, 2012

and sidekick G, yo!

Yes, yes another video. I'm sure you all are on the edge of your seats.

But this one stars me! And Gretchen. And were rapping to Romeo and Juliet!

So, tell me what you think. If this is not HORRIBLE then I think it would be funny if I would come up with some of my own lyrics to rap about classical literature, or really anything excepte what real rappers rap about. Yo.

Naughtee out!

Not in a gay way

I plead with you to watch this clip.

Gretchen and I are big fans of this HBO tv show called Flight of the Conchords. It's no longer on HBO (it ran only two seasons) so we rewatch the episodes from the DVD pack that mom got the cats this Christmas.

The above song is sung to Bret by Jermine, his roommate and other half of the folk band called Flight of the Conchords. They are from New Zealand and moved to New York to make it big. Sadly that is not panning out. The show centers around the crazy, stupid things these two and their band manager get into.

Fun fact! Bret is the writer of the song "Man or a Muppet" from the Muppet Movie, he received the Academy Award for the song just a few weeks ago.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

More Then 'Buddies'

Gretchen and I went shopping today after school. It was quite fun! I got a few things and Gretchen did too. My favorite stop was Victoria's Secret.

My favorite thing to do in that store is look at the underwear. It's the only socially acceptable place (in Gretchen's eyes) to do such a thing and I take advantage of that!

Today I was a funny thong that said 'Study Buddy' on it and I just had to laugh to myself because it reminded me of last weeks Grey's Anatomy.

Now please watch the above clip! Thank you!

And then I had a wave of the creative juices and I created this!