Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Alpha Wolf

The Friday we got out of school for spring break Courtney, her step-sister (Nicki) and her step-sisters friend (Jen), and I went to meet Jodi Picoult.

We did this last year, but I was even more excited then the last time! I was freaking out during lunch on Friday and I was very energetic the whole night.

I volunteered during Jodi's little presentation and I learned how to wolf howl, I was the Alpha wolf, because I just am born for that roll. And I was amazing, there should be some pictures/videos going up on Facebook soon.

She gave me a little Wolf stuffed animal for volunteering and I hugged the lady. She is shorter then you would think. And skinny because that's all Nicki and Jen could talk about so apparently I should tell ya'll that.
I had her sign her new book (Lone Wolf) and one of the books I had read of hers over the past year (Mercy). Both of them I would recommend to you.

And then dinner as Red Robbins was grand! And quite hilarious, my side hert so much from laughing.

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Christina said...

OMG, that's so awesome! I want to meet my fave authors...jealous lol