Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Books, and Me

While not away on a vacation this week, I'm doing the things that need to be done. Specifically going through my bedroom and cleaning, which is way over due. Through my big task Samantha (in her blue summer dress) and Kiwi keep me company.
After going through all the boxes under my bed I decided to tackel my bookshelf. Not in the 'get ride of' vibe like I had going for everything else, but instead just re-organizing.

It was a big task. I have a lot of books. 
Then there is the whole 'how to' organize. I've done the alphabetical thing, but I don't like how it looked and I'm not one for "by authors", sadly most of the time I won't look at the author thus making a book hard to find without the authors name. I'm getting better at that though. So, I went with genera, kinda. I guess it's my version of generas. Whatever it is, it turned out great!


Meghan said...

wow jealous you are being productive

Christina said...

From what I can glimpse of your book collection it looks pretty awesome :)