Tuesday, March 13, 2012

International Musica!

On New Years Eve I went over to Courtney's house for a New Years Party.

And the music we listening to was what?
Of course, One Direction.

Then somehow my ipod was on the dock.

I'm a very confident in everything (always Dare when it comes to Truth or Dare) except when it comes to my music. In that area I am immensely embarrassed by what people would say about my 'odd' assortment of songs. I really don't have any 'know' with music, so when I'm asked what my favorite band is I just go with the old classic: The Fratellis.

It was here that I had some 'International' (as I call it) music playing. It's songs that I found through my language camp. Another words it's mostly Norwegian music.

Meghan then asked if she could have a CD of the good international music (that for some reason everyone liked) and now I'm finally getting around to it.

Here's just a snippet of the good stuff!

(It's about dancing on a table)

What do you think about a Norwegian black rapper?

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Meghan said...

cool can't wait for that cd!