Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kisses - A

Pretty Little Secrets
Starts with
Hannah who is now living with her Stepmom, Dad, and Kate has enough to deal with, then her boyfriend leaves on a trip, with a hot girl? She doesn't mind once she joins a Body Boot camp and meets Apollo...

Emily has a new job, she's Santa at the new mall, but she's also a spy for her church! After a bedbug sighting she's in with the targets, three grils who have terrorized Rosewood by stealing a Baby Jesus...

Aria gets a visit from an old friend, or maybe an old flame? It's a good thing she can forge her mom's signature because Atlanta City here she comes! No need to worry about the pumas, the ASPCA will soon get them back in their cages, after CNN makes it national news...

Spencer is looking for a distraction from A-Mona, and her family woes. When she meets Collin she is convinced he is just that, and then Melissa is here to help?! After all, Spencer can get anyone's blood pumping...

This is a great book. Courtney you need to read it. And acicia too! I'll try to remember to bring Ruthless (the next book) to school!

Anyway this is set after Mona is killed, the original 'A', and right before Courtney/real Alison take over.

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