Because, I feel like it. How else to explain this odd little page. Check it ever so often and you'll be surprised. This doesn't mean I won't be putting quotes up as posts, it's just also here for reference for me and ya'll.

Quotes From My Life
"Your dad lives in an episode of The View." - Courtney (10.7.10)
In talking about doing math "Your trying to find a reason for this?" - Mr. P
"Wow, you like to murder animals." - Mr. P's view on hunting
"Demand is sexy, don't ever forget that." - Ms. DeWing (11.3.11)
"In addition, women are women and not 'hoes'"
"It's like being hungover and if any of you have been hungover you know it's horrible." - Mrs.P (3.27.12)
"I can't read with you retards here." - guy in math class (3.21.12)

Movie/TV Quotes I Find Funny/good/dramatic/touching/etc.
"If there could be less...that would be great." - Josh (Being Human)
"I'm just jonesing to be an accessory to murder." - Josh (Being Human)
" Yeah, a lot of tweekin' looking vampires outside last night." - Josh (Being Human)
"No one wants to fuck me. I look like Voldemort." - Adam (50/50)
"I love albino Chinese people, man." - Wongfuweekends
"I didn't see any signs so let's assume it's legal." - Walter (The Finder)
"And what kind of girls they like to screw." "Well, that's a pleasant thought." (The Kennedy's)
"I had the shield around me like I was in the Gongin Frickin' army!" "Star Wars" "My home girl." -Lloyd (Breakout Kings)
"Are you a footballer?" "This is America so we call it soccer." - Marty (NCIS:LA)
"Right, putting Hitler in the cupboard." - Rory (Doctor Who)
"You were the weird kid on the playground obsessed with fire, weren't cha?" - Marty Deeks (NCIS: Los Angeles)
"I have a girlfriend, her name is science." - Dr. Plotkin (Eureka)
"I've seen this movie, I get killed on the way home." - Jack (Bones)
"Why do you have recital scissors?" - Hank (Royal Pains)
"Whatcha go to college? To get stupid? You're really stupid!" - Sunny (The Godfather Part II)
"Oh God. Look if we're gonna live here together you can never say stuff like that around me." - Max (Happy Endings)
"What is wrong with this sandwich?" - Dr. Tommy Fuller (Off The Map)
"By the way, Jeff I think your shirt is trying to get out of your pants." - Pierce (Community)
"Then I'm going to wash your hair. I've always wanted to wash your hair." - Owen (Grey's Anatomy)
"Don't mention the war. I did once, but I think I got away with it." - Basil Fawlty (Fawlty Towers)
"He's not gonna' call a foul, we're in jail." - Dano (Hawaii50)
"Mike, how do you fit into these? There're like doll clothes." - Sam (Burn Notice)
"Oh! You guys have more fun then we do!" - Jones (White Collar)
"It's the doctor! How did we forget the doctor?" - Rory Williams (Doctor Who)
"If I didn't know better, I'd say you have a little crush on your wife." - Dr. Trevor Grant (Eureka)
"I know you're feeling pressure, I'm feeling pressure." - Mr. Warbucks (Annie)
"That is really extremely not good." - The Doctor (Doctor Who)
"You know what Wednesday is? Hump Day." - Will (Glee)
"Owen's being very caveman like, it's hot, vaguely disturbing, but mostly hot." - Christina (Grey's Anatomy)
"Is he wearing a rubber dress or am I trippin'?" - Football Player (Glee)
"What are you anti-flan?" - Tony (NCIS)
"He's a bird, fireman, and a ghost?" - Jack (Eureka)
"I'm just jubilant my former paramour is jubilant." - Ted (How I Met Your Mother)
"Oldest story in the books. Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy meets computer." - Tess (Eurkea)
"That Rachel girl makes me want to set myself on fire, but she's good." - Puck (Glee)
"May the best stalker win" - Lester (Chuck)
"Just throw it in the wash. It'll be grand." - Irish Man (Leap Year)
"I don't speak Canadian." - Tony (NCIS)
"I am the american dream."-Tony (NCIS)
"The heart of America is that any idiot can become a success?"-Ziva (NCIS)
"Oddly bipolar"-Mozzie (White Collar)
in talking to a woman who just blasted through her door with a shotgun "Who do you think you are? Sarah Palin?" - Tony (NCIS)
"I never look back darling, It distracts from the now." -Edna Mode (The Incredibles)

Quotes From Books
"He just told me he's a virgin." "Doesn't surprise me one bit." - Motley's Crew
"You never give up on someone you care about. Always leave your heart and home open for them, even if they're not ready for you." - Miranda Legacina Legacy
"It was a nice feeling to feel pretty after all." - Legicina Legacy
"One half of her should not be always so much wiser then the other half, or always suspecting the other of being worse then it was." - Jane Austin Persuasion