Friday, March 4, 2011

Undercover Video People

You wouldn't guess by looking at them, but some of the d-bags in the class actually have a little bit of a soul.

Just yesterday I walked into the main room where Jay and Kelsey were sitting. I first noticed Jay wasn't swearing, then he wasn't saying anything politically incorrect (this is the guy who didn't know there was different forms of your) then I looked at the computer screen. Kelsey was asking Jay for swim suit advice! And he was giving her serious advice with no comment towards the girls wearing dental floss on the screen. Then he agreed with her that the more skimpy swim suits didn't look as good. My head was spinning.

The other surprise was last year Zach was obsessed with this girl, but he didn't know how to proceed in asking her out. This lead to many guy to guy talks between him and all of the boys in the class. I learned yesterday he asked her out when Luke said, "Wittl I heard you finally bedded her, you must have used drugs."
Ah, apparently most of them don't have a soul.


AJ said...

Um wow. That doesn't process in my head... On a side note, as far as me and Peter go, we prefer the term "spiritually challenged".

Liz said...

ah, nice.