Sunday, March 6, 2011

a Sunday at School

It's weird, I mean, being in school on a Sunday. I've been in school on a Saturday, last year for the one act plays. Still, it being a Sunday makes me creeped out. The hallway lights flicker and turn on as I walk further down the hallway. I never noticed that they were motion detected.

The Cutaway classroom is much warmer then the school auditorium. I set down the massive amount of chargers that Mrs.Drew just needed to have. I scratch my head looking around and waisting time in the warm room.

Making my way back down to the auditorium I find the lights on and the band packing up. Glancing down at my new, blue watch I see it's 4:00 pm. I've been here since 12:00, the band got here at 12:30 and it took them until 2:30 to start playing. Yes...oy vey!

I also talked with the drummer's sister who is interested in movie making. She was nice, a little shy, and she smelled a little, totally not cut out for video production. Sorry, I know it sounds blunt, but I can just tell. At least I didn't have to whip out my swear words I had practiced on the bus with Hannah and Gretchen.


Meghan said...

woah! school/sunday! swear words! 12-4! so much to process....why were you there besides the charger thing??

Liz said...

I was in charge!