Saturday, October 29, 2011

University of Minnesota

This is long in the works. I know I told Meghan that I was going to make a vlog about it, but then...

I forgot my charger to my video camera up in Alaska this summer and I didn't realize it until a few weeks ago. And my family is very messy up there, and not very relabel (I still love you!) which means i'll never see that charger again. I have been bumming one off of Mrs.Drew the past few weeks, but for school projects.

No video sorry.

But I can still talk about how much I loved it!
Tip: When I go to schools I look at bulletin boards to see if I would want to do anything on them. The social aspect it a huge part in picking a college. It could be great for your interestes, but if there is crappy people then their is some other college that can give you both. Believe me, there is a ton of colleges out there.
 The rooms were the best i've seen so far. Air conditioning, heat, cable, and wireless internet. The washing machines can also text you when they are done with your clothes. It's pretty awesome.
My Grandpa's building!
This is the main square where they have a annual snowball fight. The college has a ton of clubs to join. Like the sweatpants club, where you only wear sweats because your sick of wearing only jeans in high school. Or the 'Hi my name's Mike' club. You don't even have to have the name Mike to join. But the BEST part of the whole trip was that they have a college quidditch team. They were flown out to New York to play in the championships last year. Apparently a cross country player dresses in all yellow and runs around the college campus playing as the golden snitch. I so want to join!
Mom, Dad, and Gretchen came with me. The above photo was taken inside a completely green building on the campus. It was fun walking around with them, we had lunch afterwards and it was a good Saturday. I really liked the college, a lot more then I thought I would. I was happy with that surprise.


Christina said...

Texting washing machines? Sweatpants club? Quidditch team? Whoa whoa WHOA, that is ridiculously amazing.

Meghan said...

thanks ;)