Saturday, October 29, 2011


I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at Macalester college that it was founded on Scottish roots. Being scottish I loved that little tid bit. They also give free bagpipe lessons to students and they have scuba diving lessons where you can be certified. It would be so cool to be suba certified.
 I really liked the school, pretty and felt like a college. They also have a big interest in international students and going over to countries and working with students.
There was one wired thing.

I told you in my post about the U of M that I look at bulletin boards. Well, I looked at a lot here, they seemed to be all over the place and only about boys giving sperm to sperm banks and therapy/anorexia studies to sign up for. Very...odd.
The lime green one in the center says 'cocaine users with attention problems!'
What creeped me more was that people had taken the numbers from the little number lists.

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