Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Health Is 'Easy'

I always look forward to health class. It's so entertaining and a very easy class. My schedule is nothing compared to last year. I'm so very glad I'm done with Junior year, it's defiantly like everyone says, crappy.

Plus, all the crap I went through, but it's all good now.

Anyway, I was talking about health.

Right, so we do little skits (which reminds me of the ones we would do for confirmation) and we just started the 'good relationships' unit. So, obviously it's all about sex. The skits were about how to say no and ways to get out of the situation. Such as changing the subject.

One sophomore was talking in a high girl voice (oh, he was a guy) and the boyfriend was a dude, so it was already funny with one guy wanting to have sex and the other not wanting to.

He then uses the 'strategy' of switching the topic by saying, "umm...I think I lost my phone."

I thought it was hilarious! You just had to be there.

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