Friday, April 8, 2011

About A 9

I think I've slid up to a nine because of today. I can't wait to tell Sheila.

First, I went dress shopping with Ragan (who's dress was $29.99, go to Davids Bridal and ask for the dresses that are that price.) where she got a beautiful dress. Then I went home, watched some TV and read. Then I headed off to Stillwater Bowl and bowled with Ragan, Austin, Dani, Dani's brother (Dominic), and Dominic's friend Austin (his nick name is Yoda). We had fun, had really bad service and never got our pizza. The stupid employee (wearing a disgusting lime green shirt) finally gave me my money back after I brought out 'angry Liz'. Then we proceeded to go back to Dani's and play a nerf gun/capture the flag game. It was a lot of fun, I think I want nerf guns now.

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AJ said...

Adding toy lightsabers makes any nerf war better.