Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yes, Yes It Does

I have been neglecting my blog for a long time now. First it was because I just had gotten a little sick of posting something everyday, the 100 movies (a movie a day) really got to me. Then I heard that Christina had started to be home schooled.

Nora said something in the hallway about how she was moved up in Orquestra because Christina had started to be home schooled because of some health reasons. Nora thought it was because she had a low immune system, but I knew right away what was up.

Now, I'm not super close with Christina, but I've been in classes together and hung out with her and some friends on Friday nights and now apparently we are tied together again. I have been suffering from depression and anxiety. For the past five(+) years I have been dealing with anxiety and the past year or so depression because of the anxiety.

It seems that Christina and I had at similar summer, laying in bed and worrying about things that really didn't need to be worried about. I would eat very little and it came down to me freaking out in a bathroom stall in the airport to make me realize that I needed help. I told Mom and Dad and I immediately started counseling sessions and and on my long quest for the right medicine.

It's been such a hard climb to where I've gotten (and by no means have I reached the top of the mountain) and thanks to the support of Ragan and Nora as well as my family and a few other select friends I have been able to keep on climbing.

It might seem weird, but I told Mom and Dad a few weeks ago that I thought Christina had anxiety, like me. And Dad took my word for it. He had told me during one of the late night crying sessions I had (when I just wanted to quit) that I would grow up and meet many other people who have what I have and I would be able to relate to them and possible help them.

I hope, if Christina wants to, she'll call me or just send me a little hello. (From one therapy patient to another)

Hold on to your ship Christina, it may seem like you'll capsize at any minute, but believe me gets better.

Love, Liz.


Meghan said...

i fucking love you.

that's all.

Christina said...


I appreciate this post so much. I'm glad that you were able to share some things with me. It really opens my eyes that people can suffer from depression and anxiety and you might not even be able to recognize it.

My hope is that every day, you are feeling a little better, until one day you finally feel well again. It takes time, certainly, but it will happen. Hang in there - I am!