Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Truly The Most Exciting News

Lauren Graham and Peter Krause are officially dating! We know her as Lorelai Gilmore from Gilmore girls and you might know him as Nate Fisher from the HBO show Six Feet Under. Right now they star each others siblings in the NBC show Parenthood. I'm so excited! I love these two!


Meghan said...

LIZ! ARE YOU SERIOUS "EXCITING"?!?!!? THIS IS AWFUL. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. i heard the rumors that they were, and chose to believe, silly me, that pretend bro and sis WERE NOT DATING. BCUZ THT WUD B GROSS. AND IS.

...i can't believe you're pro-Lauter. ...that's just sick. DO YOU EVEN WATCH THE SHOW?! BROTHER. AND. SISTER. WOMAN.

i'm all for being passionate about celebrity lovers and costars....but this is no. no. no!!!! ah man its on tongiht.

Liz said...

Okay, Meghan, chill. It's called acting, in real life they are not brother and sister.

Meghan said...

well, it affects how i watch the show. i'm gues i'm just stupid. and unable to chill.

Corie said...

I agree that this is a wonderful pair. They are both such great people in real-life as well. I have followed both of their careers for a long time. For anyone to criticize someone's happiness in a relationship? That is ridiculous.
I have to say it's pretty bizarre that anyone would call this gross. Umm, they're not really related. Reality check.

Liz said...

Yes, it's a bit strong of a word, but that's Meghan for you. I agree with you statement entirely, but to each his own correct?