Wednesday, September 21, 2011

St. Thomas

This past Saturday Mom and I went to visit St. Thomas. I am looking at a handfull of colleges around the twin cities, but St. Thomas was the first one I was going to officially tour. It wasn't on the top of my list, but I had herd good things about it and Mom had gone there for her French teaching degree so I thought, Why not?
Hot Chocolate from a coffee shop close by

We started our tour at one of the cafeterias. And I happened to see Bailee from Video last year. I'm kinda' surprised she got in. Mrs. Drew says it's because her mom is Ms. Minnesota and has gotten every kind of boob job imaginable, so she can get Bailee into anything. Anyway, I waved to her and it looked like she was having fun.

Then one of the admission councilors talked for a bit about the school. That was interesting. This is where I started to perk up. We don't need a certain amount of language years to get into the school, but we need to pass level three of a language given at the school. There is Spanish, French and German. The normal three. Then there is sign language, Italian and Gaelic Irish. I'm most interested in the Gaelic, don't get me wrong, Spanish is the bomb, but I think trying something different would be super cool.

My tour guide showed Me, Mom, and this girl and her mom around St. Thomas. The campus is beautiful and there is a new wellness center and a cool looking mail room and amazing food. I just fell in love with it.
St. Thomas arches, you aren't a Tommie until you have been kissed under the arches at midnight.

And this is my first college visit, one of five. Now I need to figure out if I'm in love with St. Thomas or just college in general.

Updates each time I visit one, this Saturday St. Kates.


Christina said...

Sweet! I like how you're documenting the college touring process.

I'm going to St. Thomas tonight (for piano)...I've been there for numerous things and I really like it :)

Meghan said...

Yes, keep documenting! Fascinating! How far away is St. Thomas...?