Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lizzy Lou

My econ teacher and I have an odd relationship.

She is the lady who used to be an NCIS special agent, lived in Japan, and was a prosecutor (or some type of lawyer). Any who, she's been around the job field.

So, today she made an announcement in class about me filming at the TIES conference yesterday.

That wasn't the thing that through me for a loop, it was that she called me Lizzy.



Seriously? Do I look like a Lizzy? I mean to each his own, but I've never been called that in class and I sure don't introduce myself as Lizzy McNaughton.

At least she got my name right this time. She's been calling me Margret or something along those lines.

What is the confusing part is that I participate in the class, I helped her pick out what type of SmartPhone she wanted to get (I let her use my phone!), and I have asked to talk to her about her time in NCIS because I'm considering it as a place to work. (and either Computer Science or Law would work with NCIS, and no, it's not base off the fact that I love the show)

So, why can't she remember my name?

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Christina said...

If it makes you feel better, my piano teacher (who is basically my BFF) still calls me Christine from time to time.