Wednesday, December 21, 2011


So, yea. Can we talk about the fact that I just went Christmas shopping for my boyfriend...dude, weirdest thing ever!

Well, I take that back, I've done a lot of weird things.

This whole thing in uncharted territory. And not thanks to Nora and Ragan. Those two are about as helpful as two bumps on a warthog. And for those who don't know, that's not very helpful.

It's also awkward at times, but it really shouldn't be. I've just never been in this situation before. I think I share to much about it, because people in lunch were making fun of him in regards to our first kiss....I think it was cute, and great. All they did was laugh at him. (I stood up for him, no worries)

I have become a shy person when around him. It's an odd feeling, I've never been a fan of being shy. Plus I get nervous a, SOMEONE NEEDS TO GET ON THE SAME BOAT AS ME!

I also shopped for everyone else on my list. Then I came home and started the long process of wrapping the gifts.

His is SCARY! I'm super embarrassed about it, but I'm to lazy to redo it, so he's gonna have to deal.


I'll give you a picture, I can't explain it in words.

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Christina said...

First of all, I read your title as "raping", and it freaked me out until I realized you weren't alluding to sexual abuse.

Secondly, you have a BOYFRIEND omg! You two are cute together. I was at a party with Jacob and we were playing truth or dare. For truth, I asked him how he was getting along with you, and he said he really liked you! It was super sweet :)

Lastly, don't worry about being shy. I'm always SUPER shy around guys I like...especially if I'm alone with them. Personally, I think forcing conversation is more awkward than the alternative. IDK I am unqualified for giving advice, don't listen to me.