Friday, April 6, 2012


"Brings out their savageness" - Mr. Stippel in talking about Prom

For some reason Mr. Stippel has been talking a lot about prom and I'm very sick of it. Sure some people get crazy about prom, but then there is the equally large group of people that just go for fun and don't care that much about it.

I happened on a clip via Comcast a week ago and they were talking about how certain schools were regulating what type of dresses the girls could buy for prom. And looking at the prom page on Facebook almost half of the dresses would be no-no's. I really don't care what people end up wearing as long as they wear clothes.
Ah, see this is the type of prom I would like. Ron and Kim, finally getting together! Remember that? It was big news on Disney Channel yo!
Apparently Ragan has decided not to go this year to prom because Dani is pressuring her into bringing a date, goodness Dani. Tell you the truth I really don't like that Ragan is not going because Dani wants to go with boys. If she doesn't want a date then she can just go with Nora and I. I would be more then glad not to go with Dani, and Nora really wouldn't care. Besides she could have told us before we both got dresses! The reason I'm going is to have a fun night with Nora and Ragan.

I need to have a good talking to Ragan, with Nora calmly watching the whole process.

I guess there is a bit of Prom Drama...

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Christina said...

"Brings out their savageness" - lol that's perfect

I hope all of this drama resolves into something alright :/