Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Vid

Here we have Mrs.Drew. A normal day in the classroom (which means anything can go wrong and anyone can end up taking their pants off) where we do work, sometimes. I think she looks like Nina Garcia and Rachel Zoe.
Our dear Nina (the judge on Project runway)
 Much like Rachel here, Mrs.Drew wears scary high heels all the time.

As you all know my video class is a And I love it, but at times I do want to throttle all of the people in it, what keeps me going is the fact that I'll eventually become an amazing lawyer working somewhere and they'll not have moved away from Stillwater.
Above is a photo that I thought was hilarious! Here we have (left to right) Mrs.T (Mitch is hidden behind her) then Steven, Luke, Jake, and then Mrs.Drew on the far right. The four guys were sitting in the middle of the room waiting for Mrs.T to come to the meeting. They looked like little second graders.

Then yesterday I was searched because someone had stolen a computer and Elam had traced it to our classroom (of course). So, in walks Mr.H, Mrs.T, Elam, and Fred the security guard who just happens to have a tazer, mace, and a gun on him. We all get our backpacks searched and they don't find it. I am quite surprised by this, I would have thought someone would have stolen it.


Meghan said...

ive always thought that about her!

Liz said...

we've had this conversation before I think

Meghan said...

several times.