Thursday, November 25, 2010

Don't Mock!

One of my favorite lines from Gilmore Girls (well, one of the many) is when Logan tells Rory to make a Pro-Con list about getting back together with him, she then responds by saying, "Don't mock the Pro-Con list!" Logan then smiles and says, "I'm not, in fact I think it will come out in my favor."

Thus, the title. Though I'm not a confident as Logan. I have a predicament.
Should I ask for a Nook (the Brans and Noble version of a kindle) for Christmas? What do you think about the e-books? Would you use them? Do you think I would?


Meghan said...

oh douchey logan...i liked him too...

um...idk. you read books so fast that idk if it would be worth it...but aren't books cheaper on e-books? idk i wouldn't use them because it wouldn't be worth it (as i don't read as often as you do)

...sorry that wasn't helpful

Christina said...

Haha i just learned what a Nook is today at my great aunt's house! From what I hear, it sounds like a good idea. Each book is like $7.99, which is cheaper than many printed novels...? IDK I wasn't totally listening.

Guess I'm not helpful either.

sonia said...

i say yes!

-the only helpful one here

Liz said...

Thanks guys (helpful ones and non) I guess I'll still have to think about it.