Thursday, November 11, 2010


This Saturday I might be going to my first ever concert. Yep, I'm 16 and have never been to a concert. Well, a real concert, I don't think Lori Line and her Christmas concerts count. The concert is for Basshunter (swedish singer of DotA and Boten Ann) and is at the Epic Event center downtown Minneapolis. Dad will be going with me (if he gives the okay to go), which won't really rain on my parade because it's Basshunter and that's all I'll be focusing on.
In other news, I need to talk with Sonia. What's up with the Harry Potter thing? I want to go and Mom says it's fine so I need details yo!
I heard Christina will soon be joining our ranks of bloggers. She want's Sonia to help her with starting it, but at this rate it won't be anytime soon. Get your rear in gear Sonia!

Blogging with no structure after the past 100 days of movies is a bit odd. It may take me a bit to get back into the grove, but I'll be back to my old self and posting every day.
Seems like a me and Meghan type of thing <3

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Meghan said...

HEY ABOUT THE HARRY POTTER THING; i just talked to Sonia and we are NOT going to the midnight just seems like too many obstacles like getting rides home, tix, and whatnot. but we are going to the friday showing as soon as possible. and were going to buy tix on in advance and were going to go to the Carmike...i think. sorry no one kept you in the loop about the midnight showing thing. we'll talk soonl