Friday, November 19, 2010

The Morning After

I was pleasantly surprised at the movie this morning. It turned out to be even better then I could imagine, I was a little worried that I had built it up too much. True, it wan't exactly like the book, but then again what movie is? I think with the medium (being film) and the story they had to work with they did a great job.

I dressed up as Dumbledore (beard, hat, robe, half-moon glasses, and wand) and I ended up hugging a "Hermione", "Dobby" (with S.P.E.W. badge) and I think a group of quidditch players. Not to mention the loads of people who whispered Dumbledore  as they walked by me. Yes, thanks for pointing out the obvious.

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Meghan said...

you are quite possibly my hero. however, upon seeing the movie friday at 3:45 the effect of the HPMANIA had somewhat lost its effect. the movie made me sad. it was good...but it made me so sad. :'(