Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Okay, so umm....yea. I realize I have some explaining to do. Ya, know with the above picture and all. Wonder Women and Super Girl are making out, and have some things hidden by my green stars that I plopped in before uploading it. I know it's a bit more....interesting....then my normal posts. I usually don't have naked lesbian pictures, but it's not really the picture, but what it represents that drew me to it.

Even though both super heroes above have been know for having affairs with women it's fun to know in at least one persons (granted probably a sick teenage/middle aged man's) mind they are together. It shows that the two aren't afraid of being themselves, they'll spend the night together and then go and fight evil. Pretty awesome.

Also, for some reason, I find lesbian couples like this adorable (lesbian, not gay, LESBIAN!), meaning not the buch type, no offence this is so stereotypical and I apologize right now.


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