Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hot Flashes

I figure, I've already posted stuff that's worse then this, so why not?

Because of recent events (seeing the movie No Strings Attached, and being in a certain 'mood') I've created a period mix for myself.

Great, now I've crossed the line. My blog has officially become gross.

Still, I'm going onwards and giving you the list. (CD cover below)

What Is This Feeling? - Kristin Chenoweth, Idina Menzel
Start Again - Red
It Happens - Sugarland
Naturally - Selena Gomez, The Scene
Circle of Life - Carmen Twillie, Labo M.
Man! I Feel Like A Women! - Shania Twain
Dirty Little Secret - The All-American Rejects
*Even Flow - Pearl Jam
Pressure - Paramore
Mercy - Duffy
Hot N Cold - Katy Perry
Give You Hell - The All-American Rejects
*Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis
Strawberry Wine - Deana Carter
*Red, Red Wine - UB40
*Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2
Cherry Bomb - The Runaways
Blood - My Chemical Romance
*I've Got The World on a String - Frank Sinatra
Slow Me Down - Emmy Rossum

I think I've got them in the order I want. What do you think? Do you like it?

*in the movie's playlist

1 comment:

Meghan said...

haha in the movie i thought this was pretty weird, but now i think it's a good idea! hahaha dirty little secret is my jam yo