Friday, January 21, 2011


I remember telling Meghan and Courtney I couldn't ever remember how to spell awkward. Then they went skipping along the hallway singing the letters. Well, Courtney skipped, Meghan just kinda' picked up the pace. (you know, she doesn't want to seem like a happy sulky teenager) Anyway, I always remember that when I'm spelling awkward. And I always get it right.

Today I spelt the word awkward when responding to a facebook e-mail. AJ from video class had messaged me saying he gave his friend my blog link (because I apparently told him I had a blog....yikes I must be really weird in that class) and it just happened to be on the day I posted....that one post. And yea, he asked what 'type of blog I had going' because I'm not apparently the porn master of the video class. What a job to aspire to.
Anyway, I figured I need to put some happy pictures up!