Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kitty Kat

Ain't that just adorable! Even if your not a cat person you have to admit that little kitty looks adorable, and quite pimpin'. (yet, another reason to buy a cat calendar...)

I wore my University of Northern Arizona sweatshirt (don't worry Meghan, it's only for the warmth not the school) yesterday because I just crawled out of bed and into some clothes. I wanted to be warm, but I really wasn't. A tank top and a sweatshirt doesn't keep me warm. I don't know about you, but in this weather it's not enough layers.

I looked like scum, and then with my kinda' curly hair that was all knotted in the back, I was a real winner. These stupid sophomores in math were making me paranoid, I think they were talking about I wore something cute today.
This is what I should have looked like, but I just hadn't gotten around to washing/brushing my hair since Sunday when I did this.


Meghan said...

girl you looked great! i have nothing against UNA, wear it proud.

GOSH I KNOW I'M SO FRICKIN COLD. no matter what i wear, where i am, how high the heat is....i'm shivering constantly. ARIZONA LOOKS SO GOOD RIGHT NOW.

Liz said...

you know it!

Tessa said...

i like your top and dont hate the sweatshirt im sure you rocked it, just go for the hungover look and no one will care