Tuesday, February 14, 2012


It was a wonderfully cold day. One where you can feel the cold in your bones if you stay still too long, the cold that takes your breath away. I love those days, it reminds me I live in Minnesota. Even so, I should have wriggled out of my coat.


Following in the wake of Acacia and Meghan I picked my way across the Woodbury 10 lobby.

Out of the corner of my eye I see a face. Recognition, but not by me.


Holding my bag I go forward.

Stop, turn around.

My brow wrinkles, where does Courtney know this short little fellow? Perhaps a class I'm not in.

Catching up to Meghan and Acacia, and seconds later we are joined by Courtney.

Who was that?

Whip around, search for the door, scramble to open it. Gloved hand wrapped around, and strong arms hold me back.

Screaming, I am pulled from the sidewalk.

Yelling out into the night, where he can't here.

Must punch!

I should have wriggled out of my coat.

I should have.

If I see the squat boy again, I'll rip his junk off and punch him in the face.

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