Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Page?

So, according to Anna (the one some of you apparently don't really like.) there is a facebook page that is dedicated to Mrs.Stippel's quotes, but I have not been abel to find it so I have elected to start my own.

As you can see on the far right of the pages bar there is one titled Stipplations. Why don't you check it out. I just started, so nothing very big to report on but feel free to help me in anyway you want!

I figured the two of them are much bigger then the quotes page I have, I've been in Mr.Stippel's class for five days and I already have four quotes from him. He's just hilarious. I have Mrs.Stippel's quotes on me somewhere, it's kist finding them.

Other news, I'm freaking out over a certain thing. T-minus an hour (or so).


Meghan said...

oh, how i wish i had ms stippel...................

cant wait to hear about it tmrw... :/

Christina said...

"Stipplations" - very clever.

They both sound absolutely hilarious.