Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Oy! Teach!

"Class, this is really random."- Mrs. G

I can't get enough of this women! I am so thankful that I was able to have her as a teacher! She's one of the famous teachers (as I like to call them) from Stillwater. You guys know what I'm talking about. The teachers that kids talk about and always have odd stories about them. Every school you go will have the 'famous' teachers and then the rest of them.

On my list there would be:
-Mr.Weever (come on the man has dead animals in his classroom and has a falcon named Pickles)
-Mr.Jones (all of the orquestra kids can't stop talking about him)
-Doc (he looks like Doc from Back to the Future, and he's a doctor in music...pretty cool)
-Mr.Croon (who doesn't know about the teacher with the pierced ear, plus he looks like he came from Woodstock)
-Mr.Schwartz (yea, everyone loves him...a little too much if you ask me)
-Stippel's (There both out there, but the fact that their married adds to their famousness)
-Mrs.Gunvelson (see above)
-Mrs.Stile (she caught a creep, nuff said, plus her students calls her Mama S (apparently))

This is my list, I'm sure ya'll have different ones.

An other point I'd like to bring up is this. When I'm not doing so well in a class I feel so embarrassed around the teacher, especially if I like them. I have no logical explanation as to why I feel this way, but I do. Does anyone else have this problem?


Christina said...

Ha, Doc does look like Doc from Back to the Future! The white wispy hair and everything.

I have that same problem, although slightly different. Normally I get embarrassed if I'm not turning in homework for a class, because I feel like I'm disappointing the teacher. Especially Mrs. G; she's so passionate about math that I want to be like, the perfect student, but I always get behind anyways.

Liz said...

I know! I get that way too! It's like "i'm so sorry I didn't do the worksheet" and then I walk away with my tail between my legs.

Meghan said...

MR. PARKER and i have an awkward dynamic to say the least....probs doesnt help that im on blogger in his class.....