Monday, May 24, 2010

Intense & Passion

"Ugg! I hate it!" Courtney whines about the song on the radio.

"Courtney, hate is a strong word." Replies her mother.

The feeling of the grass between my toes and the smell of wet asphalt. My body feels like it's swimming, the air is so thick I would need a butter knife to cut it.

A rustle from behind me makes me jump. Turning I make more noise then I wanted. The squirt gun is raised above my stomach and a crack allows water to flow slowly down my arm and tickle my arm pit.

The shock from the instant cold temperature freezes me, but only for a second. Soon I'm pumping and firing back at the opponent. My eyes sting from the water dripping from my hair and soon I'm forced to close them.

Blurred vision allows me to see my teal toe nail polish and purple swim shorts. The oncoming water ceases and I take the minuscule amount left in the super soaker and let it cascade over my head and body.

The last few moments outside are wonderful I love them, walking into the ice frozen house soaking wet is what I hate.

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Meghan said...

well that's another way to interpret the prompt, i guess...haha this is really good

i saw your mom dance (finale) at the dance recital!! she's sooo cool!