Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Offer To You

It has come to my attention that we (the bloging club) have come to a standstill of sorts. We seem to be inconsistently blogging, which is fine, but days even weeks between last post is not good for you or your readers.

So, being the person I am, I have come up with a solution. A blog-a-thon! Doesn't that sound fun?

Who ever wants to participate can, but once you start you have to make a pact to not stop. This is a pure self promise thing. I'm not making anyone sign on the dotted line. Just if you're maybe kinda' interested comment below.

Now the fun stuff. Each day for a week I will give you a word/phrase/topic that you will have to blog about. You can be creative as you want, but the idea is to make blogging fun again.

For example, say on Monday I give you the word Panda. You could write a pome, post pictures, tell us your opinions on the animals, or even give us the link to the Snapple commercial the pandas are in.

I will post the list this coming Sunday so you have a heads up for the week and the contest will go from midnight on the 23ed to midnight of the 30th. Start as soon as you want on Monday, I'll be blogging along with the list too, but I won't officially be in the contest.

Aside from the feeling of a job well done I will also be giving out prizes that the winners can proudly display on their blog sidebar, or can totally forget about.

Sign up while your thinking and keep checking in!


Meghan said...

i'm in, and i'll use all of my power to get sonia in too. does courtney count? xangaxangaxangaaaaaaaaaa

Liz said...

Yes, she can just send me her web address over facebook, that should work.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if you guys can ever get it to work!!!!


Tessa said...

i will do it, but ive made blog promises before, but i hope this one will work out!