Friday, May 7, 2010


People magazine isn't a light read
I sit at the kitchen table reading about celebrities problems while trying to avoid mine
Trying not to throw up,
Trying not to pass out
Trying not to feel hungry
Trying not to think

I set down the magazine and slowly stand up
My legs feel better today
I tighten my robe around me
Opening the freezer I grab an ice cube

At the table I crunch on the cube
Still the bad taste is there
The house shivers as the door opens
At the same time the flood gates open


Tess said...

Poor Liz!! Don't worry, it'll go away soon though, I had it early on in the week, the puking thing. I'm better now though! Feel better and sleep lots!! Love you and get well soon!!

Meghan said...

that sounds ridiculously unpleasant. i love the name silas!