Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mind Games

Liz McNaughton

English 10E (5)

Mr. Schield

Creative Essay - Dead Man Walking


Up the elevator I went and down so many corridors I was sure I wouldn’t be able to find my way out. Then one of the doors opened and I sat in a room smaller then my cell for what seemed like hours. Finally the door opened and in stepped special agent Cayman Reed Way.

“Liam Yorson, it’s been a long time.” He gave me a smile and from behind his back he produced a small leather scrap book. My scrapbook.

“Where did you get that?” I said, making sure to sound scared.

“I’m willing to cut you a deal. Give me the location and I won’t burn your book.” Way then took out a lighter and tried to start it.

“You can’t destroy state evidence Way, we both know that.” I smiled at him and before I knew it I was up against the wall and Way was right up in my face.

“Tell me where.” His breath smelled like stale coffee. The side of my head felt cold and I saw his gun pressed up against my skull.

“Never.” I whispered and closed my eyes. I felt his arm as he pulled on the trigger.

Way started laughing. “You think I would throw away my whole career just to kill you? No, I’m gonna’ see you fry. You should have gone with the lethal injection instead.”

A loud noise echoed through my head and it wasn’t until I was halfway down the hall way that I realized it was my own scream.

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