Sunday, June 12, 2011

Borders Weeps For Us

Immediately I find one of the four books I am looking for. I pick up How to Read Novels like a Professor (a book recommended by Ms. Swenson) and circle the table looking for it's sister, How to Read Literature like a Professor. I don't see it.

Putting that one aside I look at the yellow post-it note stuck on the first book. The Metamorphosis and Other Stories, it says, Dover publications, and then I have the ISBN number written on it. I'll leave that for later, when I can look up the author. I then reach for the second post-it.

It's not there.

I wrinkle my face, I must have forgotten to take the post it down from my room. I'll just call Courtney.

Two minutes later, I am calling Sonia. Courtney had lost the sheet, and had directed me to Sonia or Meghan. Sonia then told me to call Meghan because she had misplaced her sheet. Then I got Meghan's voicemail.

I didn't leave a message.

Screw it, I thought, I'll just go home and find it myself. Apparently no one is as organized as me.

Have you heard of folders people?

*All in good fun

-Mythology by Edith Hamilton (read about: Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Ares, Athena, Apollo, Aphrodite, Dionysus, Cupid, Prometheus, Jason, Hercules, The Trojan War, The Fall of Troy, The Adventures of Odysseus, and The Royal House of Thebes.)

Recommended by Ms. Swenson:
-How to Read Novels like a Professor
-How to Read Literature like a Professor


Christina said...

Awesome! I don't read much during the school year (mainly because I don't have the time), but I do read constantly during the summer. I'll check these titles out. :D

sonia said...


no serio this helps me a ton. i will try to obtain some "folders" of which you speak of.