Friday, June 24, 2011

Gilmore Girls Challenge (thirteen)

The character that I wish was in the show more often would have to be Liz, accompanied with TJ.

I am charmed by Liz's name, after all it's quite amazing, but TJ has brought me some of the best laughs! (sharing Lorelai to repopulate the earth) The two are great together, and their wedding was great! Especially that Luke and Lorelai had to think about dead puppies not to laugh.
Plus is was Liz who knew they belonged together, she got Luke to buy the necklace for Lorelai. She did drone on about the 'different worm holes' to a point that the Doctor would be envious of, but I think she was just pulling it out of her butt to make Luke happier, even though it made him feel awkward.

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Meghan said...

they were hilarious, indeed