Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gilmore Girls Challenge (four)

I have never thought about any of the Girlmore Girl's characters being anything like anyone I know. It's not something I have ever thought about until today. It's kinda' hard to think about any person you've met in real life being like a fictional character, in fact it may be a little unfair to the real life people.

With that said, I find Ragan to be a lot like Rory. I just noticed that they both have 'R' as the first letter of their name, they also have unique names.

They both wear conventional clothing, nothing to showy. They both love to read and can be very fast at it. They both are great at writing and do exceptional in school. They also both hold their self in high expectations, wanting to make a good living and do well in life since the beginning. They both are shy around boys and can sometimes get a bit caught up in it. They both have unique beast friends and tend to shy away from confrontation.

I also figure Lane's great knowledge of music is much like Christina's and Meghan's (I guess I should throw Son(i)ya in there too) knowledge of music. Neither of them hid things in the floor boards and have crazy mom's who tell them they will have to do something dirty on their wedding night, but in the music sense.
And yes I am aware that Lane is based on Amy Sherman-Palladino's best friend

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Meghan said...

lane and rory's relationship is almost as crazy intense as rory and lorelei's...oh tv land