Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ordinary Wizarding Levels

Seeing Sam walk in front of me with his newly shaved head gives me the jump start I need. I slip into the check in line after saying a quick hello to him as he sits down next to me. Why did I have to wear sweatpants and a sweatshirt? Not that I have any thing 'for' him, but I like to look good in front of people I know, especially people from video. I check and see Nora will be escorted into the testing room soon. I walk into the room an immediately am transported.

I walk down the asile at a brisk pace. My black Hogwarts robes touch the top of my shoes and billow out behind me. I am directed to a chair by Professor Flitwick who is waving his wand around the big Hogwarts hall arranging chairs in an acceptable order.

My desk is smaller then I would have imagined coming from Hogwarts. Can't they just put an enlarging charm on them? I would like to be able to fit two pieces of paper on the desk. Is that asking too much?

I slip into my seat, pooling my robes on the floor and look behind me to see Nora sitting down in her chair too. Her blue Ravenclaw crest can been seen from my seat, she's the center chaser for the Ravenclaw team, destined for the Sweetwater All-Stars quidditch team from Texas. Sam sits down too, his yellow Hufflepuff crest sits proudly on his chest, the beater for Hufflepuff, but nothing to brag about. I look down and am surprised to see a red crest displaying Gryffindor on my robes.

Professor McGonagall directs a hanging piece of fabric from the ceiling to say O.W.L.'s, I am not looking forward to this. Suddenly I shiver in my seat.

I find myself in a freezing cold gymnasium looking at an SAT proctor who doesn't know what he's doing at all. I sigh and look back at Nora then the ceiling, just incase I missed any floating candles when I walked in. 


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OH. MY. GOD. Way too much awesomeness in this post. I can barely handle it.

Oh, how I wish I weren't a muggle...