Friday, June 17, 2011

Gilmore Girls Challenge (six)

Ah, the Gilmore Girl's food. What isn't consumed on this show?

Being much like the ladies in there metabolism I could eat everything they eat and seriously be the same weight, that or loose a pound.
Two food items come to mind that I've eaten in real life because of the Gilms.

First one is biscotti, they eat it after coming back from Europe, Mom got it one day we decided to have a Gilms marathon. I didn't like it.

Second is parmesan cheese on pizza, Rory introduces this to her Grandparents when they get snowed in at there house and have nothing to eat, I had never had it before Gilmore Girl's made it cool to me.


Meghan said...

i remember the biscotti episode! it's good with coffee, i think

AJ said...

It really depends on who makes it. If it's from a store I won't touch it, but if my mom makes it, there is pretty much an all out brawl between my siblings and I. Personally I think it's quite excellent with milk.