Monday, June 13, 2011

Gilmore Girls Challenge (two)

The first ever snippet of Gilmore Girls I saw was during a commercial for the show. It was when Rory walks into Luke's and says, 'If it isn't the wonderful Gilmore girl(s)', I believe she is holing shopping bags and is wearing a red jacket, probably winter.

That didn't make me jump at the show, instead it was good old Kirk who made me interested.

It was during the seventh season, after Kirk drove Taylor's car into the diner forcing it to shut down for a few weeks to get repaired. Luke storms across the road when TJ informs him that he got coffee from Kirk's, a diner that has an odd resemblance to Luke's, aside from it being outside. The menu is the same, the 'no cell phones' sign, Kirk's outfit is like Luke's, and his sign looks like Luke's sign. After Luke yells at him, Kirk gives him a job application saying he sounded strapped for cash. Luke isn't happy.

Link is here ---> Kirk's vs. Luke's

Now, I had just happened to flip the channel, I had been watching no more then thirty seconds when Mom walked into the room. She asked what show I was watching, I informed her it was just a show I 'watched all the time'. I didn't know I would grow to love the Gilmore Girls and realize how funny Kirk can be.

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Christina said...

And thus it all began...:D