Monday, June 7, 2010

American Words

"So, what's your favorite american word?" I ask the German exchange students who are tagging along during filming.

"Oh, sorry I mean english word." I correct myself while the others are getting into their places and as Matt sets up the camera.

"Squirrel." The girl says and giggles. "We can't pronounce it really well, but you guys sounds funny."

"Funny? Squirrel?" I try out the word a few times. "How about yours?"

The boy looks at me for a second and then answers, "Oh. Fuck."

" nice." I say turning back to the set. Matt's laughing at me while trying to hold the camera.

I fold the paper I'm holding into fourths. "Goodness, just go Matt, just go."


Tess said...

was the guys name sebastian? really tall with blonde hair?

Liz said...

¡Si seƱora!

Tess said...

Oh my goodness! He's my friend!! We had this wonderful heart to heart in spanish class, and then he added me on facebook and we have this cute message thing going. And I saw him in the hallway and said hi! As you can clearly tell, we're tight. haha! And he's kinda cute, did you think so? But he's leaving in 4 days. :( sad. oh well. i kinda rambled. sorry liz. p.s. your picture is super cute! you should put it on facebook too. maybe it is on facebook... hmm...

Liz said...

yea, it's on facebook all ready, and speaking of that, I'm gonna' go creep on your wall to see this message thing going on.

Tess said...

oh no, its in the inbox thingys. idk. i didn't start it. so now, i must be off so i can go facebook creep on you and like that picture.