Thursday, June 3, 2010


"What time is it?" I ask really no one in particular.

"Five to two, I just checked." Squeaks Emily. She looks up from her watch and leans against the locker while brushing a stand of hair back under her hat. I can tell she would never be a goth in real life, playing this roll is killing her. A senior walks by and sneers at us.

It's a sight to see, I'm not gonna lie. First off there's me, holding a script and a broken cell phone, then Adam who's off to the side waiting for his cue by making small talk with the hall monitor. Cole is laying on top of the lockers with his head between his arms, his character is supposed to be a druggie and is tired throughout the whole film, but I don't think he's acting. Ben is sitting on the windowsill playing with his blue Gatorade bottle while cringing at the amount of dust on the lockers. Zach and Cortland both have nothing to do, but lucky Cortland has his ipod, where as Zach doesn't. They are both staring at the ceiling.

"Cortland, you can go back to the classroom." I say. He looks at me blankly.

"You can go back if you want."

"What?" It's obviously a question, but his voice doesn't make the sound either because he can't or he won't I'm leaning towards the first reason.

"You can go into the classroom, we don't need you." I say slowly, I feel like I'm talking to a six-year-old.

Still no facial expression. "Sweet." He says.

Jumping down Cortland walks back to the classroom as dully as possible.

I turn back to my crew and add, "You can go back too, Zach."

"Naw. I'm good." Zach doesn't take his eyes off the incredibly interesting ceiling. I shrug as a response.

"Okay, let's try this again." I look at Luke who has set up the shot and focused the camera. He pushes the button and nods for the right of way. I signal Adam.


Meghan said...

intensity! love it!

Courtney said...

That's cool!!! And possibly Zach wanted to stay where you were!!!