Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nothing To Fear

In FDR's first inaugural address he said something that would be said many more times in thousands of speeches. The only thing we have to fear is fear its self. If more people would take this sentence literally insurance and security companies would be out of business. But, on a more serious note, kids wouldn't be scared to talk in class, children could sleep well at night, and mothers wouldn't buy excessive amounts of padding for when their kids rollerblade. People would be a little more loose.

The number one question:

What is Liz afraid of?

1. The dark
2. Murders
3. Hobos who live on her roof
4. Failing
5. Ear hair
6. Guys with socks on
7. Friends/family dying
8. Creepers in the airport/mall/theater
10. Shopping
11. Lizard people who live under the earth
12. The movie psycho
13. The quote "a boys best friend is his mother."
14. Death by electrocution/starvation/drowning (or buried alive)
15. Invisible man killing me in my sleep
16. Swimming pools
17. Fairs
18. Amusement parks
19. Lack of maps
20. Food courts

So, what 20 things are you scared of?

1 comment:

Meghan said...

aww man #20 makes me sad...sorry :(

hahaha guys with socks on... me too, too