Thursday, June 17, 2010


Meghan this is for you.

ok, will you guys hate me after this..? my newest televison obsession is.....................the west wing :(

The text from above is from Meghan's post titled sadder than SADD. When I read it I sure didn't hate her, instead she showed me another reason why were so alike. We both are/have been obsessed with The West Wing. The show is about the inner workings of the White House, the staff and the Presidents family. It's quite addicting and it should be added to my family's list of obsessions (referenced to this).

I was reminded of the show when I went all OCD last Saturday and organized the DVD's. We have the second, sixth, and seventh seasons of the show which I am more then happy to lend to Meghan.

The thing that really pulled us towards the show (aside from the drama) was that the character Donna Moss (portrayed by Janel Moloney, pictured below with her kinda boyfriend Josh from the series) looks exactly like our cousin Deni. It's actually kinda' creepy, it's almost as scary as my twin from Modern Family.

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Meghan said...

omg are you serious?! awesome!! i'm almost done with netflixing the first season---so i could borrow the second then?! omg thanks so much lizz oooh i'm soo excited can you tell